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Batting Partnerships

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1231 Kyle Christie - Steve Commons Castle Hill Wesley Cricket ClubFirst Grade6 1 Botany United
2190 Dereck Cameron - John Wright Kingsford Apaches Cricket ClubThird Grade2 1 Captain Cook Dolphins
3135 Justin Corner - Justin Smith Clovelly Cricket ClubFirst Grade4 1 Catholic CC St Peters
4120 Justin Smith - Michael Dunlea Clovelly Cricket ClubFirst Grade1 1 Botany United
5115 Jonathon Lloyd - Ray McGill Doncaster Cricket ClubSecond Grade3 1 South Sydney Juniors
6102 Yves Silveira - Michael Mazurkiewicz Doncaster Cricket ClubFirst Grade5 1 Bethel Mar Thoma
778 Mark Allan - Michael Harrison Botany United Cricket ClubSecond Grade3 1 Kingsford Apaches
873 John Wright - Josh Shipton Kingsford Apaches Cricket ClubThird Grade3 1 Coogee Bay Rebels CC
984 James Salakas - Aaron Burrows Coogee Bay Rebels Cricket ClubFirst Grade8 1 Doncaster Bushpigs
1068 Asfand Uppal - George Nittes Coogee Bay Rebels Cricket ClubThird Grade2 1 True Believers

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