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Fourth Grade
First Grade
Second/Third Grade
1 Yap, AleksandrKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
2 Williams, IsaacKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
3 Nittes, GeorgeCoogee Bay Rebels Cricket Club001
4 Sammuri, WilliamKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
5 Kyriazis, HarrySouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club001
6 Kyriazis, LukeSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club001
7 Hourn, ThomasSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club100
8 Harrison, MichaelBotany United Cricket Club100
9 HASELGROVE, EERIN ESouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club001
10 Thornton, JackSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club100
11 Martin, Leigh JBotany United Cricket Club100
12 Moulds, PatrickRusty Shovel Cricket Club001
13 McClelland, GordonBotany United Cricket Club100
14 Park, DavidBotany United Cricket Club100
15 Nittes, NickCoogee Bay Rebels Cricket Club001
16 Foley, PatrickKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
17 Horvath, MarkKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
18 Seymour, BryanKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
19 Venn-Brown, DavidKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
20 Duncan Snr, GlenBotany United Cricket Club100
21 Mampitiyarachchi, SujeeKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
22 Richardson, DavidSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club001
23 Halikas, NickBotany United Cricket Club100
24 Hoenig, Matthew JSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club001
25 Christie, KyleCastle Hill Wesley Cricket Club010
26 Commons, SteveCastle Hill Wesley Cricket Club010
27 ATWELL, JarrodCastle Hill Wesley Cricket Club010
28 WEIR, HarveyCastle Hill Wesley Cricket Club010
29 WEIR, TrentCastle Hill Wesley Cricket Club010
30 Cola, JacobRusty Shovel Cricket Club001
31 Tomkins, AlexSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club001
32 Hourn, JamesSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club001
33 Waterson, DavidKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
34 Hinchey, AdamRusty Shovel Cricket Club001
35 COLA, NICRusty Shovel Cricket Club001
36 OWENS, ALLANRusty Shovel Cricket Club001
37 CARLISLE, PHILRusty Shovel Cricket Club001
38 Scott, GregSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club001
39 Khan, AlmasBotany United Cricket Club100
40 Goodchild, MorleyKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
41 Capon, MattSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club100
42 Stamatellis, StanSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club001
43 Levitt, DanielSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club001
44 Plum, AndrewSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club100
45 Fourro, DanielCoogee Bay Rebels Cricket Club001
46 Hasler, BenSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club100
47 Branch, StuartKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
48 Fromm, AdrianKingsford Apaches Cricket Club001
49 Anlezark, AnthonySouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club100
50 Miller, RussellSouth Sydney Juniors Cricket Club100
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Total Records: 89   Page: 1 of 2   Go to:Prev   <[1 2]>Next
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